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- State control

- Monitoring the conditions of manufacture and repair of measuring instruments license

- Plan of the State Supervision

- The results of state supervision

- Regulations in the field of activity CMTU Rosstandart

- State supervision in the sphere of ensuring the uniformity of measurements

● Collection and processing of information on cases of harm

● Administration of incomes in the budget system of the Russian Federation

- Sample documents for the payment of fines, the state fees and cost recovery

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- The schedule of placing orders for state needs

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- Order CMTU Rosstandart

● Anti-Corruption

- Normative legal and other acts in the field of anti-corruption

Methodical materials

   - Forms of documents related to anti-corruption, to fill

For information about income, expenses, assets and liabilities of material nature

Commission to comply with the requirements of official conduct and settlement of the conflict Interest (Examination Board)

- Reports, reports, surveys, statistics

- A sample of filling of certificates of income head